MDR Vital Factors - 40 ct.

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Youthify Your Mind & Body
Imagine waking up feeling better than you have in years, with lots of energy, good health, and a new zest for life! MDR VitalFactors® is a revolutionary anti-aging nutritional formula designed to optimize your health and support:

Mental Clarity
Sexual Vitality
Heart Health
Muscle Tone
Youthful Skin

MDR VitalFactors helps revitalize your body at a cellular level. Our clients rave about the results: They feel younger with all-day stamina!

Pat Boone says, "I am 86 and feel like I am 26 thanks to VitalFactors. When you think I topped the charts before Elvis and I am still going strong, working and playing tennis each day, you can see why I call Vital Factors my Fountain of Youth!".



A Vital Part of Life
Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a natural life sustaining protein that circulates throughout your body, keeping your cells young and vibrant. Unfortunately, as you age, your body secretes less of this vital factor. The decline of Growth Hormone with age is associated with many of the dreaded symptoms of aging.



Are You Feeling Signs of Aging?
Lack of energy? Aches & pains? Weight Gain? Forgetful? Declining Performance?
Dr. Daniel Rudman did a study in 1985 at the University of Wisconsin. He took 26 men between the ages of 61 and 81 and injected them with growth hormone? The men reported remarkable benefits: their body fat decreased. Their youthful muscle tone was restored. Energy and sexual vigor improved. Even skin wrinkles were less evident as skin firmness improved.

Dr. Rudman said that HGH replacement seemed to reverse some aspects of the aging process by 10 to 20 years! The study results are published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

After this news, many Doctors specializing in anti-aging medicine started to prescribe HGH injections, even though costs could exceed $1,000 a month and have unwanted risks.

A More Natural & Gentle Approach to HGH
Scientific studies have shown that natural Aminopeptides called Secretagogues can coax the body into releasing its own stores of HGH. MDR VitalFactors contains a proprietary blend of these natural Growth Hormone Releasers. Just one or two Effertabs in a glass of water can help enhance your own HGH release! And there is even more good news: VitalFactors goes beyond HGH.

Advanced BIOCELL Antioxidant Protection

  • Antioxidants that protect against "oxidative aging" caused by free radical cell damage.
  • Resveratrol, the longevity molecule discovered by Harvard scientists to help mice protect their joints, skin and brain. They gained less weight, ran like athletes on the treadmill, developed muscles and lived 20% longer!
  • Fucoidan - a special Seaweed extract that supports immunity and stem cells
  • Aminopeptides vital to cell repair & renewal
  • And more


Support your own Growth Hormone Release
Scientific studies have shown that Aminopeptides (building blocks of proteins) infused into the VitalFactors formula can coax your body into releasing more HGH naturally. You reap the youthifying benefits!

 Imagine waking up feeling better than you have in years with lots of energy, good health and a renewed zest for life.

Feel Years Younger!
It's easy to be fit and active in your 20's, but the older you are the more you will appreciate what Vital Factors can do for you.

 You will just love VitalFactors; it goes beyond vitamins with a scientific approach to rejuvenating your body on a cellular level for:

Energy & Stamina
Immunity & Overall Health
Mental Clarity
Improved Muscle Tone
Cardiovascular Wellness
Healthier Skin, Hair & Nails


The Science Behind "Fizzies" Keeps You Healthy!
MDR VitalFactors is an effervescent formula to allow greater bio-availability of precious nutrients.

The bicarbonate also contributes to an alkaline pH, which is linked to healthy longevity.

Just 1-2 effervescent tabs dropped in a glass of water creates a sparkling grape flavored drink that releases Youth Factors, Antioxidants, Aminopeptides, BioProtectors and Enzymes that signal every cell in the body to repair, renew and rebuild.

High Quality Guaranteed

Now with Cognizin® for Brain Support!

This patented and natural Citicoline Complex was studied by the Harvard-associated Brain Imaging Center at McLean Hospital, which found it increased brain activity and attention in subjects over a period of 6 weeks of use.

Cognizin® supports:
Healthy brain metabolism

Neural communication between brain cells
Phospholipids vital to brain composition
Memory and overall brain function
Brain energy vital for focus, attention, and concentration

Lose the Fat. Gain Muscle.

MDR VitalFactors gives you the energy to work out and be more active. Plus, its amino acids support muscle synthesis. The more muscles you develop, and the more active you are, the more calories you burn, so staying in shape is easier.

Boost your Immune Defenses

Now more than ever we need to protect our health. But as we age our immune function declines. MDR Vital Factors® reinvigorates your immune cells with Glutamine so you'll stay healthier. Your immune defenses will also be strengthened with Fucoidan derived from select seaweeds. Scientists have praised the health promoting benefits of Fucoidan after clinical trials proved it worked through apoptosis, immune activation, and stem cell mobilization.

Purest Ingredients
MDR VitalFactors is made to the highest quality standards with the best ingredients. 
The formula contains no dyes, yeast, wheat, preservatives, sugars, or animal ingredients.


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