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Imagine waking up feeling better than you have in years with lots of energy, good health, and a new zest for life. Take Nu-Spring, a revolutionary anti-aging formula to help fight aging and promote healthy longevity.

Nu-Spring Supports: 

  • Energy & Vitality
  • Immunity & Overall Health
  • Cardiovascular Wellness
  • Healthier Skin, Hair & Nails
  • Improved Muscle Tone
  • Memory & Brain Function
  • Healthy Longevity

HGH. A Vital Part of Life
Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a natural life sustaining protein produced by the pituitary gland in your brain. It keeps your cells young and vibrant. As you age, your body secretes less HGH, which contributes to a changes in your body. For decades men and women who could afford to spend thousands each month, have taken HGH injections. They do it because their lean muscle mass is improved along with their energy, memory and focus, vigor and youthful appearance.

After years of university research, scientists have found that certain natural protein derivatives (called secretagogues) can help coax the body into releasing its own stores of HGH. Nu-Spring contains a proprietary complex of these natural Growth Hormone Releasers. Combined, these miracles of nature help support age-defying processes in the body, helping you to feel like a new person full of energy and youthful vitality!

Nu-Spring rejuvenates your body on a cellular level with ingredients based on the latest Anti-Aging Science.

Superoxide Dismutase Enzyme Complex
Scientists in France bred a melon that defies normal aging because of its high levels of S.O.D.. Then, they concentrated the S.O.D., with a protective coating to make it bioavailable. When they began testing in animals the results were shocking.

Race Horses Felt Better!
Race horses have lots of aches and pains, but after they were given S.O.D., the horses seemed happier, in a better mood, and able to perform better.

Healthy Muscles
Scientists tested the horses' muscle cells and discovered better oxygen uptake, and less oxidative stress after a strenuous run – meaning less inflammation! The horses really did feel better!

Inflammation… The Aging Factor
Inflammation is called the Silent Killer because it is linked to so many maladies that come with aging. As we get older, toxic cell compounds accumulate and inflammation increases.

Have you noticed the signs of inflammation… achy joints, sore knees or fading short-term memory? 

How S.O.D. Can Help You
In a double-blind study of 70 people, people taking S.O.D. noticed dramatic improvements:

  • less aches and pains
  • better concentration
  • more stamina
  • Men and women reported waking up refreshed, less irritable, and having more energy.

Have You Gained Weight?
As your metabolism slows and you have less energy to work out, if you keep consuming the same amount of calories, over time, weight gain becomes a problem. Scientists call it creeping obesity. To keep your youthful shape, you need to eat right and exercise. Nu-Spring gives you the vitality to work out again. Plus the S.O.D. complex was shown in an animal study to help prevent obesity and reduce abdominal fat.

Resveratrol: Can it help you live longer?
The only proven way to extend lifespan is by calorie restriction. Eating less triggers a gene called SIRTUIN that Harvard scientists found slows aging. Convinced that some natural compound might activate the same gene, scientists tested thousands of compounds until they found an ingredient in red wine (Resveratrol) that ACTIVATES the same SIRTUIN GENE!

Signs of Aging Reversed
Scientists always suspected red wine had health benefits. Tests confirmed Resveratrol reverses signs of aging. The miracle molecule helps mice live longer. It increases their endurance, limits weight gain, and protects the heart, joints, skin and neurons of the brain. It increases production of energy and helps circulation. When mice, who ate an unhealthy high fat diet, were given Resveratrol, they gained less weight, ran like athletes on the treadmill, developed muscles, appeared younger, and lived 20% longer!

Nu-Spring provides the Resveratrol in 40 Glasses of Wine!
Many supplement companies get Resveratrol from inexpensive sources. In contrast, Nu-Spring contains the purest source of Resveratrol in the world – Resvida™ Whole Grape Complex. It is responsible for the natural deep color and delicious flavor of the Nu-Spring formula. You can feel confident that you are getting the finest ingredients to help you live healthier longer!

Ignites Your Vitality!
As we age, or if we take Statins, Co-Q10 levels decrease. Without sufficient levels, you slow down. Nu-Spring reenergizes you with Co-Q10, a vital enzyme required by cells to produce energy, especially for the heart. Levels of Vitamin B-12 also decline with age, which can cause anemia and fatigue. B-12 is vital to memory, brain function and protein synthesis.

A Healthy Heart Means a Healthy, Long Life!
The walls of our blood vessels stiffen as we age. Nu-Spring contains Arginine, shown to be beneficial for blood flow and cardiovascular health. Because it helps blood flow, you will see this amino acid in many sexual enhancement formulas for men and women.

Nu-Spring Buffers with Bicarbonate 

In a 10-year study with over 2,000 healthy adults, lower levels of bicarbonate was linked to an increased risk for premature death by 24 percent. Scientists theorized sodium bicarbonate assists your body in balancing pH levels, possibly extending life. Taking Nu-Spring and eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps support a healthy alkaline pH.

Get Muscle Support with Nu-Spring.
With aging we tend to lose muscle and strength. Nu-Spring supplies Aminopeptides that help support muscle synthesis, wound healing and immunity. Like many body builders have discovered, if you exercise after taking Nu-Spring, you'll see results: muscle gains, loss of fat, improved metabolism, and the ability to stay in shape easier.

Fucoidan, The Immune Protector.
As we age, our immune system declines and that is one reason we are prone to more health problems. Keeping our immune system strong is important. Nu-Spring contains a seaweed derived molecule, called Fucoidan. University studies prove that Fucoidan helps strengthen immune defenses so you stay healthy. It also helps bind to foreign toxins acting as a detoxifier.

Many of us take probiotics for gut health, but did you know that there are no guarantees that the good bacteria in yogurt, for example, can survive the acids in your body. Fucoidan, contained in Nu-Spring, was recently found to modulate gut micriobiota by acting as a prebiotic agent! That means it helps the body to maintain a more balanced composition of beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacillus and Ruminococcaceae. That means better health and immune defenses to protect you!

Activates Stem Cells
Some researchers believe long lived people on the island of Okinawa owe their extreme health and longevity to their diet rich in fucoidan-based seaweed. Scientists have found Fucoidan can help improve the bioactivity of stem cells, the rejuvenating factors that repair cells throughout our body so we stay healthy and youthful.

Age-Defying Seed Lives Over 1200 Years!
Ancient Egyptians, and Buddhist monks in India and China revered the Lotus Flower as a symbol of longevity. UCLA scientists obtained 1288 year-old seeds and planted them. After 4 days, the ancient seeds sprouted like young seedlings! Scientists found the seeds contain a powerful MT protein enzyme, vital to repairing DNA damage that allows the seeds to withstand the effects of aging. Just like the Lotus reawakened after 1200 years, Nu-Spring can help reawaken youthful physical and mental energy you thought you lost years ago!

Order Today and Enjoy Greater Vitality, Peak Physical and Mental Performance, and a Healthy Long Life!

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